Yes, Yes, I've Been a Bad, Bad Blogger

I'm back. Hurrah.

Second: nearly got a job in Arizona. Actually, while I've been home for nearly two weeks, the employment agency with which I am registered wanted me in town (Phoenix) for an interview this last week, with the purpose of starting a job tomorrow. I told them I was back in Pittsburgh finishing up some business. I really need to start the move.

Problem: Crohn's Disease is currently on the relapse. Boo. Hiss. Probably the biggest reason why I didn't run for a plane ticket last week. Sorry, kids.

Fun: When in Arizona, I went to a few restaurants, the usual hangouts. And, surprisingly, the usual suspects were in attendance. At Alice Cooper'stown in downtown Phoenix, the same old waitress from 9 months ago was there. Similarly, at the friendly neighborhood IHOP, good ol' Maggie, Latina heartthrob, served me.

Not so much fun: When at Alice Cooper'stown, a spot I can't recommend highly enough, the family and I ordered "The Great One" BBQ feast, consisting of bunches of yummy stuff--enough for an army or three. While feasting on the ribs (mmm, ribs), I took one of the bottles of barbecue sauce (four flavors, collect-'em, trade-'em) and shook it. Nothing came out. Shook and squeezed harder, and BLAAAT! Out poured, nay, sprayed copious amounts of the red stuff all over me and my brand-new T-shirt. Oh, it was everywhere. What did I get for my trouble? A shiny souvenir T-shirt of my own choosing from the boutique in the front of the restaurant. I took one with the logo you'll see first on the website. And I had the leftovers later on. For what it's worth, the gunk came out of the other shirt--it's good as new. Two shirts for the price of one, and a great meal besides.

I'll put up some pictures of the restaurant soon. The place must be seen to be believed. Rock memorabilia, sports memorabilia (a Lemieux jersey hanging from the rafters...yay!). The wait staff all wear black eye makeup in the traditional Alice style (and first-timers to the place get their eyes done up as well). Yes, Alice stops by often, as do a lot of his buddies from the worlds of music, movies, and sports. The celebs are encouraged to sign the walls. (The best by far: "All in all it's just the best spot on the wall!" signed next to the ladies' restroom by Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters.)

I have plenty more to talk about, but will refrain so I remember to come back soon. In the meantime, kiddies, check out your local Best Buy store this coming Tuesday to secure your copy of their exclusive Tru Calling - Season Two DVD set. It includes one never-before-seen-in-the-U.S. episode among the six in the set. Yes, the show was hit-and-miss, but if the weblog of Tru writer Doris Egan is anything to judge, the second season, had it not been canceled so early in the season, was going to step things up to true grand guignol level. In other words, from mediocrity, good stuff. (I'm talking to you, Liz!)

More to come.




My condolences to any and all Brits out there due to the senseless violence perpetrated in London...well, for you guys it would be yesterday. Just like on 9/11, when the world declared "We are all Americans"...well, today, I'll at least say I'm a Brit. (Even though I'm really not...darn, but it doesn't pay to be remotely flippant today.)

Any Brits who feel like speaking up, the floor is yours.


P.S.: I'm going on vacation tomorrow for a week, trying to find a job out west and trying to have fun. (No San Diego Comic-Con this year, sorry folks.) I will return next weekend with mindless, prurient ramblings...something about having to wait to be seated at a restaurant until the wait stuff is done dancing, and oh, purely physical stuff about the opposite sex. Stay happy while I'm gone.