My condolences to any and all Brits out there due to the senseless violence perpetrated in London...well, for you guys it would be yesterday. Just like on 9/11, when the world declared "We are all Americans"...well, today, I'll at least say I'm a Brit. (Even though I'm really not...darn, but it doesn't pay to be remotely flippant today.)

Any Brits who feel like speaking up, the floor is yours.


P.S.: I'm going on vacation tomorrow for a week, trying to find a job out west and trying to have fun. (No San Diego Comic-Con this year, sorry folks.) I will return next weekend with mindless, prurient ramblings...something about having to wait to be seated at a restaurant until the wait stuff is done dancing, and oh, purely physical stuff about the opposite sex. Stay happy while I'm gone.

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