Heroes 4 Haiti - Help out, guys!

Hey all,

On behalf of the one and only Greg Pak, Incredible Hulk writer par excellance, I would like to take the opportunity to invite you all to turn your attention to the disaster relief situation in Haiti. I know some of you out there in the good ol' U.S. of A. aren't doing so well, but our friends in Haiti, where the mother of all earthquakes hit just days ago, are doing a whole lot worse. Simply put, they need your help.

That's where Heroes 4 Haiti comes in. Visit http://www.heroes4haiti.com today and look at what you can do to help those in need. People in the comics industry like Greg, Dave McKean, Dean Haspiel and more are putting their works up for auction so folks like you and me can get some cool stuff in exchange for opening up our wallets and doing the work that really needs to be done (i.e. helping those in Haiti). You can also see information on the site so you can donate even if you can't afford the auctions. You can also auction your own items, link them from the Heroes site, and send those proceeds to any one of the charities requesting donations.

Here are some other links worth visiting:

Doctors Without Borders - whose charity Greg Pak's auctions will benefit!

Greg Pak's original Planet Hulk sketches - up on eBay right now for bidding, as you saw them at the back of the "Planet Hulk" trade collections!

Make a difference! Give today!


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  1. This comment isn't about Haiti, it's just to tell you that I think that your blog is great, and that I really enjoyed reading all of your theories on the identity of Red Hulk.

    I was one of those that thought it was Glenn Talbot, but after reading "Fall of the Hulks" decided that it had to be Thunderbolt Ross due to the fact that Bruce Banner wouldn't murder his father-in-law, no matter how troubled their relationship had been in the past. I came across your blog a couple of days ago, and realized that I am now in complete agreement with you.

    Check out my site if you want: http://infotoxin.net

    I'll definitely be coming back here, so keep writing about Hulk!



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