All's I Gotta Say (Until Later Today)... Hulk! Avengers!

Behold the first conceptual artwork showing the Incredible Hulk, on a poster exclusively available at the Marvel booth at San Diego Comic-Con today. If they stick close to this model, I'll have no problem with the film.

Does anyone wanna get me this poster at the show today? E-mail me at delusionalhonesty (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll gladly reimburse the poster price plus packaging & shipping. And if you can find a Hulk #42 ashcan edition to throw in, I'd also be greatly appreciative.

See everyone at New York Comic-Con in a couple months.



  1. I like the look of Hulk for The Avengers. It combines features of the classic Hulk from the Hulk's appearance from the 1960s-1980s, while also adding some touches from the current Hulk. I'm glad to see that they're taking the Hulk design seriously for The Avengers, because the Green Goliath needs to look great for his 50th Anniversary.


  2. The Hulk in that poster looks great. The Hulk in the Ed Norton movie bugged me. I think it was his hairdo. The Hulk in this poster has a more classic look.


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